The band K-pop They have become a great reference in the culture of their country, because thanks to their international achievements they are role models for young idols, but also for other figures in the artistic world, such as this poet.

According to media information from Korea, the poet Na Tae Joo will launch its new literary collection “Poem for Small Things”, which is the Korean translation of “Boy with luv”, the song of BTS. The book of poems will be launched on January 21 and its approximate price will be 260 Mexican pesos.

According to the book’s description, writer Na Tae Joo has been interested in BTS’s lyrics, so he worked with 35 of their songs for his collection of poems, which will bring comfort and the thrill of hope to his fans at every turn. prose

Throughout their career, the South Korean group has inspired references in Korean dramas, webtoons, songs, even his own series based on his universe, as well as fostering self-love and good deeds within his army of fans. They have also been recognized by other artists

What do you think about this inspiration that this renowned author has taken from the popular South Korean group?