bts It is not a group that usually gets into controversy with the lyrics of their songs, which is understandable because they know that it damages the group’s image, and everyone knows that they really support causes that benefit society a lot.

However, years ago they released a song called «War Of Hormone» for which they received a lot of criticism because the song mainly talks about bullying, although initially the song was canceled by fans and non-fans alike, a new perspective emerged that would explain many things.

What is clear is that the interpretation of each song is in the hands of the people who listen to them and it is they who decide what to consider and what not to consider when interpreting the meaning and the song of bts It is very controversial because it was marked as a hate song because of the phrase it used and its message.

The scandal was so serious that bts had to issue a statement apologizing, stating that they knew some people would find the song’s message or certain phrases hateful, even though that was not the intention of the song at the time of its creation, however, the song was canceled for a long time on the concert playlists of BTS.

The true intention of bts when writing the song was irony, as they took a real problemthe problem of bullying, and they tried to talk about it, it’s not about saying that it was okay to do that, but more about making fun of young people who adopt these attitudes and justifying it as being the fault of hormones.

Fans didn’t see the irony until much later, when things had already cooled down a bit on social media.

Do you think that bts Did he make a mistake writing this song or is it all due to a misinterpretation by the fans?

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