He ARMY, Official fandom of the South Korean Kpop group bts, claims that RM, one of the members of the septet, has certain resemblances to the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira. What are the tests that the fans of the group have to consider the resemblance between both artists?

Some BTS fans are affirming that RM, the rapper and leader of the group, has certain similarities to Shakira, generating various questions among Internet users of the social networks.

Through the platform TikTok an ARMY assured that there is a great resemblance between the two singers, giving the following as proof:

“Shakira and name They are similar, since both monetized and knew how to take advantage of their songs, but it seems that someone did not learn the lesson and returned with their ex ”, wrote the young ARMY identified as Carmen Cadenita.

«Her latest album entitled “Indigo” contains songs that refer to an alleged ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. “This year we started strong with the exes”, “I was going to upload this video to my status, but I remembered that I did the same as Nam” and “I love him so much that I also followed his example”, were the reactions on the platform of video.

Some users did not agree with the comparison made. However, the young woman’s point was quite coherent. But as we all know, the personal lives of the members of bts, and especially that of RM, it is quite difficult to know.