suga of bts is currently in the United States for the first leg of his solo tour called D-DAY. She has already performed in Belmont, Newark, Illinois and lately in Rosemont, a small town outside of Chicago.

This is not the first time that Suga has performed in Chicago, he has done it before, but apparently the South Korean idol has forgot.

According to the fans of the artist who were present at his concert in Rosemont, Suga dedicated a few words to the public where he assured that his last visit to Chicago was for the tour of WINGS seven years ago. And clearly it was not.

Many of his followers, through social networks, they remembered to the artist what he apparently would have forgotten, and that is that Suga overlooked the fact that BTS had already performed in Chicago at the concerts of Love Yourself in the year 2018 and Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Chicago in the year 2019.

Some of the fans got angry at the fact that their favorite idol didn’t remember their city, feeling like he didn’t care much and called him liarbut most took this as a small mistake by the artist, since it is not very easy to remember all the places he goes to present his shows, it is really difficult remember so many.

Fans posted memories of the concerts that Suga forgot to mention in his speech at Belmont. “I literally took these photos of him in the flesh”.