Jin is one of the members of the popular South Korean music group BTS, which is famous for its songs, choreography, and world tours around the world. Currently, this band is on hiatus due to the fact that some of its members are fulfilling their compulsory military service and among these is Jin, who began his stage of service on December 13, 2022.

On the other hand, the atmosphere among BTS fans is very tense, because although the singer is somewhat limited to doing activities with the group, he was omitted from an important brand of which they are ambassadors a few years ago. In 2021 the global brand CowayHe shared his projects with the singers to work together, so the popularity of this company increased considerably due to the announcements made by BTS.

However, in his last announcement Coway would have excluded Jin for what the company received all the anger of the ARMYs for this actionHello I am the responsible person in Coway. I would like to thank the many customers who have visited Coway. As for your questions about why BTS member Jin didn’t appear in the commercial, during the preliminary stage when the content of the commercial was first discussed, Jin was currently serving in the military and therefore of according to the law, it was difficult for him to take part”, was what was expressed by one of the staff of this company.

It seems that the inconveniences come from a change in contract, since the artist is not working with the group, so BTS fans are very upset with these events, as they expected to see the entire group in different collaborations with this company. Their fans are showing their rejection of this brand, since they can’t stand the fact that they are advertising with BTS without the group being complete.