The popular South Korean group kpop makes a special appearance in this youth series that is available on the streaming platform Netflix. The enormous popularity of the group makes it very common to see them in different television programs, movies and series.

Through social media, the ARMY share the series in which they have seen the members of BTS, but also those where the group appears with their songs, images or mentions.

This time, it is a series, a Spanish production called “Al Rawabi School for Ladies”. What is this series about?

The plot follows the life and daily life of a group of three students who attend the prestigious women’s school Al Rawabi, There they suffer harassment and are marginalized by their other colleagues. Therefore, they decide to create a perfect plan to take revenge on their abusers who have been torturing them for a while, something really interesting to see.

Bangtan appears in the last episodes of this Spanish series, first he does it with the song “Fake Love”, there is also a poster of the group in one of the rooms of the girls in the series.

Without a doubt, no one can resist the group k pop, even if we talk about the fictional life of characters from movies and series as it happens in “Al Rawabi Schools for Ladies”