The popularity of the South Korean group of kpop bts, it allows them to become a topic that many can talk about. Given this, it is very common to see them appear in different series, movies, documentaries, videos and programs. However, there is a movie Mexico where they make an appearance, but the army I didn’t know at all.

In Netflix there’s a feature film of Mexican origin who surprised BTS fans, due to the inclusion of the Kpop genre, references to the group.

The movie in question of flame “Dad wanted” whose story follows the life of a 12-year-old girl who wants to enter a competition of extreme cycling. However, his mother does not want to, since his father died from this sport.

However, what has attracted the most attention is the inclusion of BTS in this history, which made the ARMY highlight the moment in their social networks.

In one of the scenes, BTS fans discovered a clear reference to the group, as one of the characters uses a backpack made of BT21, Official brand of the Kpop septet.

‘Dad Wanted’ is available at Netflix, so all the fans of bts you can go see the movie and discover the reference to the group and Kpop.