in the industry of kpop there are hundreds of groups that contribute to the enrichment of the genre, but there are two groups that are the definitive standard-bearers, the ambassadors worldwide, and they are of course bts Y BLACKPINK, and it appears that the two groups will join forces this year.

Much to the liking of some of his fans, the organizers of the music festival Woodstock, which is done in South Korea, they want to have the two musical acts on their billboard, according to local media reports.

The hiring of the groups would depend entirely on the managers, who would be the entertainment companies HYBE Y YG Entertainment respectively. It should be noted that the oldest member of BTS, Jin, is absent due to his having to retire for his military service in December of last year, but fans will have no problem accepting an introduction from the other 6 remaining members.

The festival, which had its first edition in 1969, has had great artists, such as Miley Cyrus as the main act.

The rumor has generated some controversy among fans of the two bands, who don’t get along very well with each other. As we mentioned before, the two groups are the biggest of the genre, and it seems that the competition of the groups to achieve the highest sales has moved to their fans, who constantly argue on social networks to see which of the two groups is more successful. or talented.

The undeniable thing about the matter is that BTS has achieved sales and numbers much higher than those of BLACKPINK.