The british royalty surprised all his followers yesterday, after revealing a very curious detail that revolves around the official coronation of the King Charles III how the new and legitimate King of the United Kingdom, generating diverse comments among the general public.

Although there are still more than three months to go before the time of the official coronation of Carlos III arrives, the British monarchy has already been revealing some details that have to do with everything scheduled for this historic event in the European country.

The official page of the Royal family british in instagram unveiled yesterday the new emblem of the official coronation of Carlos III as the King of the United Kingdom.

In it, the new monarch demonstrates his love for the nature, using several details that ended up liking massively within the British public.

The King decided to use the flowers of the four nations of the United Kingdom to form an emblem that is characterized strictly by nature, using the official rose of England, the daffodil of Welsh, the clover North Ireland and the thistle of Scotland.

The naturalistic detail of Charles III It has also been liked on social networks, where various Internet users applaud the monarch’s initiative to include environmental issues in his new reign.