The british Royalty, through his members of the royal family, claims that the prince harry has been “kidnapped” by a “psychotherapy sect”, after in recent weeks they would have come to the conclusion that it is technically impossible to engage in a conversation with the Duke of Sussex and his new family.

The British royal family firmly believes that the youngest son of the Princess Diana been “kidnapped by a psychotherapy sect” and that his wife Meghan Markle is to blame for everything, according to information published in the British press dating from January of this year.

A source close to the monarchy has revealed to the newspaper ‘The Independent’ that the family fears they have lost him completely, due to their beliefs that they clearly blame on the Duchess of Sussex of involving him in a sect to “brainwash” him.

“He has been kidnapped by a psychotherapy sect and Meghan, so it is impossible for him to return in these circumstances,” the source added to the British newspaper.

He newspaper He went on to reveal some details and stated the following:

“They can’t really participate because everything they say will be shared with the media. It is impossible to have a conversation or write a letter because of the risk that Harry put anything they say in the public domain, potentially for commercial purposes. There has been a complete breach of trust.”

Meanwhile, the discussion that has been generated about whether the prince harry and Meghan Markle will be invited or not to the official coronation of Charles III how the new King of the United Kingdom continues to be the center and incapable of various means to predict if in the future, the royal family could finally reconcile with the Dukes of Sussex.