The royalty british I would be executing several plans with him prince william and kate middleton whose objective is to hide that both would be separating because of a series of infidelities that the heir to the crown would have committed. Yesterday they attended the ceremony of the Bafta awards, but the media claim they are hiding something.

The public eye knows very well the past of the Royal family british. They know that they are capable of hiding news that damages their image, even if this means living in unhappiness and deceiving their own people.

In recent weeks, much has been said about a supposed marital crisis that Prince William and Kate Middleton would be going through. The reasons? An alleged love affair that the future monarch of the United Kingdom would have with his former lover Rose Hanbury, who was a very good friend of the Wale’s princess.

Despite all the rumours, and the recent declarations of Kate where he stated that William He was no longer a retailer with her, the couple made an appearance at the awards Bafta, place where both were one of the special guests on behalf of royalty.

At the ceremony, a small tribute was paid to the Queen isabel II for his death, even causing tears between the two members of the royal family. However, the media claim that both were forced to attend to hide their possible breakup.

The media They are based on the controversial statements that Kate Middleton made in a flower shop, and on recent events where the two were not seen together, despite the fact that they have always used to attend as a family and with their children.

The presence of Rose Hanbury In the rumors, it is not something that the Princess of Wales likes very much, since in 2019, when the photos of the Prince were leaked together with the noblewoman, the future Queen consort issued the order not to invite Rose to any event where she was present.

Ultimately, the role of the British royal family in the possible separation between the prince william and kate middleton it is a fundamental factor to be able to face and hide the possible reality that the marriage would be facing.

And you, what do you think about all this enormous controversy that significantly affects the british royalty?