Today, the group that owns the tabloids of the british press as the mirror, he Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) has admitted that they have spied on the prince harry for more than 16 years. And not only that, they have also ensured that the source of this information is nothing more and nothing less than their own Royal family British, as had been speculated for some time.

The present day, Andrew Green, representative of the MGN before the lawsuit that Prince Harry has made against the publisher and the newspapers it manages, has revealed before the supreme court of London who admit several facts that the legal team of the husband of Meghan Markle has done in court.

They even ensure that the editor “apologizes unreservedly” for having spied on the Duke of Sussex for several years. The editor of the British newspaper admits the events, which occurred between 1995 and 2011. However, what has attracted the most attention is that he points to the royal family as the source of direct information about the youngest son of the King Carlos III.

“Many [artículos] they came from information released by or on behalf of the royal houses or members of the royal family,” the representative said, without giving names.

Furthermore, he admits that MGN paid a private investigator to obtain information and publish stories about Harry. Nevertheless, Green assures that, according to what the editor confessed, of the 33 articles that the prince presented in court as evidence, stating that they had been obtained thanks to illegal activities, 28 were not.

Faced with this situation, the reactions that can be provoked by having admitted that one’s own british monarchy has been responsible for leaking private information about Prince Harry. And not only that, since a large series of accusations would be being confirmed that the youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana had done on previous occasions.

Within a few months, the prosecutor in charge of the lawsuit will give the final verdict on this case, which has put the British press under scrutiny thanks to all the details that the prince harry and his legal team have disclosed in court.