British MPs complain about rats, dampness and mold in military homes

Deputies British Parliament complained to the country’s Deputy Secretary of Defense James Cartlidge about rats, mold and dampness in the homes of military personnel. About it reported Evening Standard newspaper.

Member Liberal Democratic Party Helen Morgan noted that one of her constituents lives in “rat-infested accommodation” in a barracks in Shropshire.

Deputy from Labor Party Chris Elmore said black mold infestations were detected in more than 5,000 military homes last year. A year later, he said, “too many” service members and their families are experiencing the same problem.

The newspaper notes that the Deputy Minister of Defense promised additional funding from the government to improve the quality of housing. Cartlidge said 60 per cent of homes in need of repairs would have mold and damp remedied.

Previously Daily Mail wrotethat subway passengers London started driving standing up, fearing bedbugs on the seats, which rugby fans might bring to the World Cup quarter-finals en masse in Francesuffering from these insects.

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