For several hours, the british media they would have begun to erase all the news regarding the rumors of infidelity that the prince william would have done to Kate Middleton. The reasons? A possible measure that the royal family would have taken to silence the media.

The drama of the Royal family British and its new internal scandal is reaching very dangerous limits. And it seems that the media in that country have been warned.

In the last few hours, a large amount of content that spoke about Prince William’s infidelity rumors has begun to be removed. In them, the old story of him with Rose Hanbury, The English noblewoman who was seen with the future King in 2019, enjoying themselves at a private party.

But now, the media, even the most tabloid how The Sun, They have deleted all the material that talked about the crisis of William and Kate.

In social networks there has been talk that British royalty would have opted for the SuperInjunction”. This tool deals with a British legal measure that only very powerful individuals and corporations can resort to when they want to silence the media on issues very internal to their lives.

That’s how he would have done it King Charles III when the controversy of his infidelity to the Princess Diana with Camilla Parker, so now it could be happening to benefit Prince William.

Ultimately, the British royal family he can’t take another scandal. Much less when the official coronation of Carlos III will be next May.

And you, what do you think of all this controversy that is lived in the marriage of the prince william and Kate Middleton?