The enemy continues to lose people and equipment

The enemy continues to lose people and equipment / Photo: Collage: Today

Russia is preparing to actively replenish its forces in the Donbas at the expense of reservists. In the meantime, it has been calculated how many militants the so-called “DNR” has lost during the wars in Ukraine, from which we can conclude about the losses of the Russian Federation. This was reported by British intelligence on its page in Twitter.

Heavy shelling continues as Russia seeks to encircle the Severodonetsk area through Izyum to the north and Popasnaya to the south. Russia is most likely preparing for an attempt to deploy a large number of reserve units to the Donbass.

The Russian authorities have not published data on the total number of military casualties in Ukraine since March 25.

However, the self-proclaimed “DPR” publishes data on the losses of the DPR forces. As of June 16, the DPR has recognized 2,128 servicemen dead and 8,897 wounded since the beginning of 2022.

The DPR’s casualty rate is equivalent to about 55 percent of its original strength, highlighting the extreme attrition of Russian and pro-Russian forces in Donbas.

It is highly likely that the “DPR” forces are equipped with outdated weapons and equipment. On both sides, the ability to form and deploy reserve units at the front is likely to become increasingly important to the outcome of the war.

RF losses

As of the 115th day of the war 33,600 Russian soldiers died in Ukraine, reported the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Over the past day, the invaders have suffered huge losses in the Bakhmut and Zaporozhye directions.

It is also known that over the past day APU threw back the invaders in two directions. The occupiers continue to launch missile and air strikes on military and civilian infrastructure facilities on the territory of Ukraine.

During the attack on Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Pantsir S1 air defense system, a radar station and enemy vehicles. The composition of the ship grouping of enemy troops did not change overnight. So the threats and challenges for Ukrainian cities remain.