Singer Briellawho accuses Shakira to use the same melody in his recent song, apparently he has already hired a lawyer to file a plagiarism lawsuit.

The Venezuelan artist went viral on social networks after sharing a video with compelling evidence stating that Shakira would have copied her song and would not even have given her the credits.

Jean Paul Vissepo He will be your lawyer on the subject, a legal professional with an emphasis on the musical issues of different artists, he hopes to resolve the matter that compromises the Colombian and the Venezuelan.

Although at first Briella showed the evidence against Shakira, she clarified that she was not looking for lawsuits with her, but she did expect at least the credits in the song.

«More than anything it has been because of the controversy. Both parties are very serious parties. A controversy has been created by a tweet that was made; there is a lot of respect, but it is simply because of the controversy. As Briella says it may be a coincidence and she doesn’t want a bittersweet feeling. It’s not a lawsuit or anything like that, it’s just to settle the matter. It is simply to clarify: if it was a coincidence, it was a coincidence“, said the lawyer to a program of Telemundo.

The singer expressed for her part: «Really, if my song was used as an inspiration, if they were inspired in any way I would like to at least get the credit because to me as a songwriter that’s worth too much.«.

But to this dispute joins Laura Galindoa music expert who analyzed the two songs and gave an encouraging message to Shakira’s fans.

«She says that the chorus is exactly the same and yes, it is exactly the same. But I’m going to show you something. It turns out that there is a formula that exists in popular music and it is the minor seventh chord. With those notes, if one plays them in order with intermediate notes called passing notes, it gives exactly that melody.«, clarifies Laura.

«Like those two artists, there must be many using the same formula. It is as if we accused of plagiarism all the writers of the ‘Latin American Boom’ who spoke of an afternoon with heat heat«. The professional concluded, who affirms that it is only a coincidence.

Despite this, the artist’s lawyer 23 years continue with your research.