The first leg of FIFA football from the Electronic Arts publishing house was published in 1993. Since then, more than 325 million copies have been sold under this name, and even though Japan’s Konami and its competitors Pro Evolution Soccer (now at eFootball) tried, In short, the International Federation of Football Associations has become virtually synonymous with sports video games.

In addition to the name, FIFA is also licensed for the World and Euro Championships.

EA Sports has often been accused that most of the changes between the ranks are only cosmetic, on the other hand for me to change something that works? Sri Lanka has managed to hit its quality even with the advent of new generation consoles (see our website) reviews of the last debt) and dky FUT mode in which you play buy collectible football cards, from which you then try to put together an optimal team, is without the slightest gold mine.

After thirty years of cooperation, both organizations have decided not to renew the existing contract, so this year will be the last from EA, which will be published under the classic word. Not surprisingly, the public was told that FIFA had demanded a billion dollars over the same cycle (see n lnek).

The issue of copyright first is complicated in the case of football. FIFA, for example, could not offer tm Juventus FC,

Fans don’t have to worry about a real footballer’s license because of that. The current offer of approximately 19,000 games from more than 700 teams from 30 world leagues has been changed for a long time, but it should remain in the world when it is expected to grow. Whoever, you will soon be able to return to the Czech league.

Official licenses for major tournaments such as the World Cup or the Euro will be missing. This should be replaced by a rich offer of game modes, which have so far met with resistance from FIFA conservatives.

The football team will therefore be called EA Sports FC and was supported by the South American football confederation CONMEBAL and pedn world clubs such as Real Madrid, Liverpool FC, Borrusia Dortmund, Paris St. Germain et al.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino also saw great resentment in the breakup and assured that they would give the license to others. He even went so far as to turn directly into the game and football fans with the fact that only under the sign of FIFA will they find an authentic and true football game.

The FIFA emblem will continue, the question is in what form.

Let us question ourselves in this regard. However much we have against sila from the long-term EA, we have to build at least a slightly competitive football siege on a green field with ambitious bikes.

Even if the experienced Konami were to take this round. Their last eFootball was unloaded (see n lnek) and, according to Metacritic, it was the most rated game of the year (see n lnek).

There is a bit of a rumor that responsible for corruption and clientelism have cut through the organization’s cruel stunt with reality. Your player’s heart is stolen, what a named icon they click on when they want to play virtual football.