Recently, images have gone viral where they ensure that the Chinese apprentice participant, Zhang Hao22, who currently competes on the show Boys Planet from South Korea, has made publications of hate towards opposite-sex couples.

On his social networks, the Boys Planet participant has made several publications and comments that denigrate and insult people heterosexual and he assures that he feels “disgusted” just thinking that a man and a woman get together in a relationship.

“I can’t accept love between man and woman, in my whole life, disgusting”, “Why the fuck is there love between men and women?”, and “Love of different genders is disgusting! I can’t understand it” were some of the controversial statements of the young man through the Chinese social network, Tieba.

To this day, it is unacceptable that one person discriminates against another, for the simple fact that they are different in their way of being or thinking, less if you are a public figure or that you may do so at some point. Zhang Hao has lost many followers due to his posts, however, it can be seen how many of his fans continue to support him on these controversial ideas.