Out of respect for all the fans and people who have supported and continue to support me, I would like to thank you for the temporary termination of the career and the release of the title of champion of the Czech Republic in supertk, he wrote on his Facebook page. At the moment, I probably don’t have much sense in this sport and it doesn’t make much sense to comment on my performance in England.

Back before the eyes of the world star winner Tyson Fury ended up for twenty-one years after about 81 seconds. They competed for the title of IBF organization. lkova balance thus stopped at 17 hills and those pork.

I’ve been working with Tom for over five years, unfortunately the results are not good. Of course, the mistake will be on both sides, ie boxers and coaches, said the former professional world champion Luk Konen on social councils; lka thorns in st nad Labem first.

YEAR 2017. esk profiboxer Tom lek first knocked out Laszla Ttha from Hungary.

Although he won the seventeen, but paradoxically only twice received praise from me after the box was lost. Where is the problem? I can see it simply, it’s his head. He can do it, but unfortunately only in the thorn. He is tied up, fearful, careful and his performance is a maximum of twenty percent of his ability. But the fight with Gorman was to go mountains. Her two weeks before the match, it was obvious that it would not be time, and it turned out to go to him.

According to Konen, his fiancé did not follow the set tactics. Tom didn’t even go. He danced for a second and was very willing to land twice. J didn’t see the day, but it was just his head. Fear, worry, don’t worry. Shame again, vkon dn. And in the face of life, in front of Tyson Fury. A disgrace for n box, a disgrace for me, a disgrace for his second and a disgrace for Tom, Konen criticized.

And he recommended a rest, a ron, or a two-year break. Although his duel to defend the title of Czech champion is being negotiated, it is probably not worth risking at the moment. I will recommend him to release the title first and he will find motivation, taste and service in the thorns and especially in the eventual fight.

Became. And the drug explained: The last few months were nron, there are a lot of specific influences that play a big role and you have to deal with them.

Thanks to his powerful figures, he won the nickname Stul Hulk, just a place to fight with rivals, he had to fight with his self-confidence at the turn of his professional team. I was canned on the bike, I never felt anything, I was left to everything, such an ouma. Take the confidence mm quite down, lil for MF DNES boxer with the nature of dobraiska.

I was fat because I was fat, moreover, my name is drug, so did the word narks drug. dn physically attacked, but mentally. That bothered me a lot. I was big, not in the old guys, but in such a donut.

Thanks to this, Koblek worked his way up to the gym, but while he was in good shape, his self-confidence was still unable to straighten up.