A popular MMA fighter Gbor Borroswho became famous, among other things, in the reality show Survivor, once seduced a harsh wolf with two horns.

Not long ago, it seemed that Borros had definitely run away from his beautiful fiance Monika and daughter Zora for the handsome brunette Rka Molnrová, who filled her Instagram profile with photos with Gbor.

But now the fiancee Monika has chosen a similar tactic, who wanted to make it clear as soon as possible that she is with Gbor again and showed off several pictures together in her stories.

Photographs of psob as an advertisement for family tst. However, according to Gbor’s lover Rka, who was contacted by Expres, it is completely different.

The photos I took with Gbor on Instagram were current. We spent every moment together. Monika took the whole situation very well, and her only counter-reaction is to post out-of-date posts on social media about how their family is and everything is in their hands, but the reality is completely different. hard sexy brunette

Gbor Borros with his lover

Take a photo of Gbor when he’s asleep and he’s not drunk and immediately put it in the stories, as if they were an uneasy family. But only I, Gbor, know the truth. I couldn’t help but watch how Monika forced Gbor through her little daughter. That’s the worst thing to do to me. You act like a perfect mother and don’t let your stupid daughter get away from people so she can go where she wants.added Rka, who insists that Borrosem has finished with the Romanians.

From my side, it’s definitely closed, I’m taking a vacation and I’m not allowed to deal with things that don’t interest me. We have a great life and we don’t need anything else. Gbor was just looking for his tst and he found it with me, sila with Expresu Molnrov.

Gbor Borros with his mistress

Gbor is dishonest with Monika, a good rd, hard lover

The brunette’s words did not go unanswered. Expres contacted the former manager of Borros, Nina Sedlková, who also represents his fiancee Monika. She told them that he had decided to defend himself calmly and judiciously, because the things that Rok would exclude are too many.

But Molnrov disagrees.

I never had a reason to talk about our relationship with Gbor. It’s over from my side, even though he contacts both me and their friend daily. Vm, um, a lot of rd, but he got a lot of ace and anc from me. I know he didn’t hurt me mentally and I don’t want to hurt him either, we had a lot of fun, but I was happy to make this decision and that’s when he went around where he claimed he was dishonest, said Rka Molnrov to the editor of Expres na zvr.