Bogomolov will not return the phrase about Ukraine to the play “For every wise man”

Director Konstantin Bogomolov said that he deliberately removed the phrase about Ukraine from the play “For Every Wise Man” to avoid politicization. He also does not intend to return her to the production. The head of the Theater on Bronnaya spoke about this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“I am very proud of this moment, that everything was predicted and perceived by the audience with a bang. But at that moment, when certain events took place and the performance continues to be played, beautifully, successfully, these words could be perceived as a conjuncture, as if I had especially added them, making a performance for these events, ”said Bogomolov.

According to him, otherwise, the audience would begin to reproach the director for wanting to “fit into the agenda.” He does not plan to explain to everyone later that the final scene was written before the events in Ukraine.

It is noted that in the play “For every wise man” there was a phrase that there is no Ukraine, everything is Russia.

Earlier, Bogomolov called the film “Alexander Nevsky” propaganda. But despite this, many modern directors are learning to make films based on the works of Eisenstein.

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