The theater director became a participant in a double scandal due to the premiere of the play “The Cherry Orchard” in a new interpretation at the theater on Bronnaya.

Information about the transgender Natasha Maksimova, who could play the main role in the production, caused a great resonance. However, this did not happen and Maximova’s place was taken by Ekaterina Volkova and Larisa Bogoslavskaya. At the same time, Natasha herself emphasized that Bogomolov had never seen her at rehearsals and refused her participation in the performance in absentia, back in December.

The second scandal is connected with the director of The Cherry Orchard, Ilyinchik, whom the director scolded for his lack of arrogance and “MKhAT intonations”, bowing at the premiere. At the same time, Bogomolov emphasized that this is what prevents attracting a new audience, and his task is to “sell the hall”.

The premiere of The Cherry Orchard at the Bronnaya Theater was attended by many celebrities. So, Olga Buzova came to the performance according to the testimony of the audience after the third call and noisily made her way into the hall, counting the desired row with her finger.