Blue Origin and SpaceX have begun creating lunar cargo ships

American companies Blue Origin and SpaceX began creating cargo versions of their promising lunar ships, originally intended to transport astronauts. About it reports SpaceNews publication.

Work on creating spacecraft for delivering large volumes of cargo to the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite is being carried out within the framework of the Human Landing System (HLS) program, according to an option between NASA and Blue Origin and the contract between the American space agency and SpaceX.

“NASA expects these large cargo landers to be highly similar to existing human landing systems, with adjustments to payload interfaces and deployment mechanisms,” NASA said.

The devices being developed should deliver from 12 to 15 tons of cargo to the Moon. First cargo The HLS mission, Artemis 7, should take place no earlier than the early 2030s.

Previously NASA postponed launch of the Artemis 2 and Artemis 3 lunar missions for a year.

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