Blogger Shabutdinov called his stay in a pre-trial detention center a vacation

Blogger and entrepreneur Ayaz Shabutdinov compared his stay in a pre-trial detention center with a vacation. Shabutdinov expressed this point of view in a letter to the publication “News”.

According to the entrepreneur. in the pre-trial detention center he feels even better than in the wild. According to Shabutdinov, in freedom his body was free, and in the isolation ward his mind became free, since he was not distracted by anything – neither the phone, nor social networks.

He said that he receives letters of support every day. In addition to the epistolary genre, Shabutdinov has the opportunity to enjoy the classics thanks to the prison library. Currently, as the blogger said, he is reading the works of the German writer Erich Maria Remarque.

Shabutdinov located in pre-trial detention center since the beginning of November. He is a defendant in a fraud case; investigators believe the blogger used aggressive marketing to sell educational programs, trainings and webinars.

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