Blogger found a cheap replacement for Botox

Blogger Kate (last name unknown) found a cheap substitute for Botox. She shared the relevant information in her TikTok.

First, the 42-year-old influencer with the nickname 365gethappy showed off her appearance. The posted frames show that there are no deep facial wrinkles or other cosmetic defects on the user’s face.

According to the woman, a homemade remedy helps her maintain a youthful appearance. So, she advised washing bananas with vinegar and soda, peeling them and placing them in water for several days. Then, according to Kate, she adds castor oil and rose water to the resulting water.

“There you have it – your very own anti-aging mist that you can use when your skin gets dry and needs hydration. This product will give you that amazing well-groomed look that we all love,” she concluded.

Previously, Russian men revealed a way to rejuvenate without dieting or sports. The doctor said that men often fail to get rid of fat deposits even after correcting their diet and grueling workouts.

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