The member of the popular group Blackpink, roseis well known in the world of entertainment for her various songs and fantastic shows that she shares in all her concerts, this South Korean singer has also joined in starting a solo project for a few years, like many singers of the Kpop genre, for what despite this being a complicated decision his album “R.” has been a success, since with his beautiful voice he has captivated all his fans.

Currently, Rosé was one of the striking attendees at the cannes film festival which surprised all her fans with an impressive black dress that was very elegant that made the singer shine and stole all eyes, although only the presence of Rosé dazzled everyone, the member of the group Blackpink became the center of attention of the film festival for a particular reason.

As it was to be expected that many world media would be present at the Cannes film festival, it seems that a Korean media asked the singer Rosé to do a “aegyo” in front of the cameras for all her followers so the idol placed her hand on her cheek like a heart, the big star immediately seemed to realize what she was doing and became very shy at the moment.

the korean medium Newsen He was in charge of capturing these moments perfectly, which captivated all his fans who described it on social networks as a memorable moment or gesture in such an important event.