Singer Rose, Member of BLACKPINKsuffered a mishap on stage that forced her to stop her show.

In the middle of his presentation at the recent concert in Londonthe singer was very emotional and it would be so much emotion that led her to have the accident, and although one of her colleagues and the logistics staff wanted to help her, this did not end successfully.

The members of BLACKPINK are on their world tour”BORN PINK«, and they were the attendees to the concert of London those who could see live what happened to the singer.

The accident that has gone viral on social media occurred while they were singing “STAY» and just when Jenny I was standing in front of everyone rose noticed that there was a lot of pink confetti on the ground, he immediately walked towards Jenny with his hands full and threw the confetti at him in celebratory mode.

But what I can’t notice rose it was that he still had his microphone in his hands, and at the moment of throwing the pink papers the microphone also flew towards the attendees.

The funny moment for the fans was seeing the singer’s face that quickly changed from emotion to anguish, because she wanted to find her microphone again, and although the logistics assistants and the public helped her pitifully, the beautiful pink microphone stopped working.