Since they met in the Saint Laurent WW23 in the city of Parisbritish singer Dua Lipa and the South Korean idol rose of the female group BLACKPINK, caused many media and fans of social networks to start spreading rumors about a possible collaboration between these two great artists.

French entertainment media began to rumor that the teams of both artists would be in constant communication to reach an agreement and settle a possible collaboration musical between Dua Lipa and Rosé from BLACKPINK.

Immediately the fandoms of both singers began to spread the rumors, looking forward to the two finally doing a song together. And it is that for a long time comments have been seen mentioning several artists who would be in perfect synchrony to perform duets with the members of the famous band of kpop BLACKPINK.

This could be closer to reality than it seems, since they have been seen lately socializing with various Western stars, and the idea of ​​artists from different genres conjugating in a single song has been discussed on many occasions, which according to many critics It would be a somewhat different proposal that could please many of the fans of the Pop.

Here you can see the moment: