2022 is not over yet and the members of BLACKPINK They already have several projects scheduled for 2023, by smooth, the Thai star, will be on the cover of the February 2023 issue of ELLE Japan.

smooth from BLACKPINK continues to demonstrate her popularity as a soloist and fashion benchmark, on this occasion the interpreter of “MONEY” will be on the cover of the February 2023 issue for the top magazine, with images that will take your breath away BLINK.

It’s been a great year for smoothas the singer became the first Kpop artist to win at the MTV EMA 2022 and the MTV VMAs 2022 with his hit song «LALISA“Other than that he had a great year with CELINE, and 2023 will start on a very good path by being the cover of ELLE Japan for the month of February.

Recently, it was revealed that Lisa will appear on the February 2023 cover of the Japanese magazine ELLE, before this revelation everything BLINK they are very proud of her, the magazine also made a mention and this is what she said.

For ELLE Japan, smooth is one of today’s most famous style icons, a singer with an elegant and sexy doll-like style. Please be assured that in addition to the cover art, special video content will also be released on the official website of ELLE Japan.

On the cover, the singer is seen wearing a simple white long-sleeved shirt and black pants, in addition to this, her midriff and jewelry are also visible, the natural and simple look makes her look sexy and effortless.

The artist has been on the cover of ELLE several times, in May of this year, he appeared on the cover of ELLE Korea and a group photo was taken with various clothes from the clothing brand CELINE, brand in which she works as an ambassador.