In a recent appearance by Lisa of BLACKPINK in the program Hoony of WINNERthe girl group member ended up being brutally honest about her old friend and his habit of showing off his bare torso on live.

Lisa was interviewed on the channel Youtube of the WINNER member, also known as seung-hoonwhere he answered about the idol in particular, as well as what he thinks about him and what he suspects he will do on the channel.

The singer of “Moneyยป and the idol have been friends since their days as apprentices and now they have continued to maintain a friendship that they have shown in front of the cameras. Due to her long relationship, Lisa is not afraid to be honest, and she showed it in her interview.

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When asked what advice his friends would give him, the producer pointed out his tendency to take off his T shirt in public, and it was as if she had read the mind of the female idol, who exclaimed “So we all think the same!ยซ.

ยซHe takes off his shirt almost everywhereadded Airplay.

ยซI have a family tooโ€ฆ Why would I want to see that?!ยป Aki said.

ยซHe needs to hold back a bit…Jinu said.

ยซDoes he know he’s wrong?ยป Lisa continued, sentencing her friend.

ยซThat’s the problemยซ.