Lisa is internationally known for being part of the number one female Kpop group called: BLACKPINK. Group that is made up of four talented women, who are, «Jenny«, «Jisoo«, «rose» and the already mentioned «smooth«.

The famous artist has shown throughout her career that she is a faithful lover of animals, for this reason she has five cats so far, “Leo«, «Lego«, «lily«, «louis” Y “Luca«, thus animals being one of his weaknesses.

This scene was present in Hong Kong, in one of his concerts of his tour «BORN PINK“Where a fan brought a poster to the show where she asked Lily for her cat Lily and the singer’s reaction made her followers fall in love on social networks.

With a billboard, a tender photo and a message, the fanatic asked the artist to borrow her beloved cat.

As soon as Lisa saw the poster in the Show, she brought out her protective side and with a tender gesture told her «Not» to the follower.

The idol’s reaction went viral on social media, where everyone loved the sweet way in which she responded and thus showing how important her pets are and how much she loves them.