What started as an internet game between fans seems to be becoming a reality, or so many are already assuming. BLACKPINK’s Lisa with Megan Thee Stallion, DJ Snake, and Ozuna has created a celebrity mix that transcends borders and language with “SG”.

The Latin trap song layers each artist’s ode to beautiful women. Ozuna sings in Spanish; Megan Thee Stallion raps in English, and Lisa from Blackpink adds a bit of Spanish with her English verse featuring a truly phenomenal dance that starred in the video.

Of course, some memes were quick, especially the montage of the 4 artists for the MV, a bit chaotic but funny if you see it from another point of view. From that point on, fans started making slightly crazy theories regarding Lisa and Ozuna.

“They look cute together”, “I think I send them”, “I await the report from Dispatch”, “They would make a beautiful couple”, “Ozuna Oppa”, “Please stop with this, it is not funny at all.” And So. found regarding the two artists. Of course, the rumors are totally false and the supposed leaked image of the artists is a clever montage.