Jisoosinger and dancer of the renowned band of kpop BLACKPINKshe has recently been seen at various fashion public events, where she has had to travel a lot, and the paparazzi have not waited and have been aware of the movements she makes when the cameras “are not seeing her ».

As we all know, the attitude of celebrities is very good and they reflect affection and interest for their followers and the people around them, but of course, this is when they know what they are being filmedand this could be said of absolutely all artists internationally.

Jisoo has recently been seen in a video where she shows us a very natural and positive personality when she is off camera, although she realized that she was being filmed, she responded in a very friendly way and instead of running to hide or covering her face, she responded in a way very adorableshe even greeted the paparazzi who was filming her.

This makes it clear to us that not all artists are the same, and they all have different personalities, some are very serious, others are simply enjoy what they are living without using one maskas is the case of the 28-year-old South Korean idol.

Here is the video of the idol caught on camera: