The member of the biggest girl group in K-Pop, BLACKPINK, Jisoorecently attended an interview with the entertainment group GQ Koreawhere they asked him a series of questions about his current position in the team, and the projection he plans to take in his career.

Jisoo confessed that she has many projects in mind with her music and her teammates, and she will not neglect this part of her professional career, but she also said that she would like to continue polishing her talent as an actress, and act in dramas and movies of the action genre.

Jisoo has previously appeared on the small screen, in the hit drama «snowdrop» where he showed that he has nothing to fear when entering this new world, since he won several recognitions and awards for his good performance on set, surprising all his fans.

Nothing was saved and he told everything about the subject, he said he felt a “gift” for acting and of course we are talking about one of the members of the best female K-Pop band, it is not surprising.

Jisoo is currently on tour with her members and crew, and is hard at work on her first album with which he debuted as a soloist, so at the moment he does not have a drama in mind in which he would like to participate, but we are very sure of something, and it is the success that his career will have in the not too distant future.

You can watch the GQ korea interview on BLACKPINK’s Jisoo below: