Jisoorenowned singer of the genre Kpop, and member of btsdemonstrates once again the big heart he has with a gesture on his birthday, the fact has his followers delighted.

The singer, who is preparing to make her first solo debut, has shown her affection to fans and followers who admire her on several occasions, but this time her new proposal is being praised by the international media.

The followers affirm that the singer’s love and respect for her followers increases greatly, despite the fact that day by day she is more recognized worldwide.

The fact that her followers have fallen in love is that now the singer is launching her channel Youtube, and he did it January 3 at midnight, his birthday. There she shared much of her day with the BLINKS and allowed to see what happens before and after their concerts.

the channel of Youtube has been named “Happiness Jisoo 103 percent»and in his description he stated that the channel’s profits in their entirety would be donated to the people who need it the most and who are having a difficult time.

The singer stated that she does not expect her to be praised for this fact, as she does it because it is something that comes from her noble heart, and to return so much support to her fans. Jisoo wait “May everyone’s happiness index rise even higher.”.