The member of the group BLACKPINK, Jisoo, caused a stir at Paris fashion week when some fans saw her accompanied by a tall, white man with brown hair and light eyes. Rumors quickly surfaced that this man might be her boyfriend, but Jisoo was quick to set the record straight in her latest YouTube vlog of her own.

On the vlog, Jisoo explained that the man accompanying her was actually her bodyguard. He was sent from the United States with full equipment to protect the idol during her appearance at the DIOR fashion event in Paris.

Despite the explanation of JisooRumors about his love life have not stopped circulating on social networks. Many fans would love to see the Kpop star in a relationship, but for now, Jisoo has made it clear that his date in Paris was merely his bodyguard.

Paris fashion week was a big event for Jisoo and BLACKPINK in general. The group made a highly anticipated appearance at the DIOR event, where they presented some of the latest fashion trends.

Jisoo also took the opportunity to explore the city and share some of her favorite moments on her vlog.

Although the experience in Paris was exciting for Jisoo, it was also a reminder that the life of a Kpop star can be very demanding. The presence of a bodyguard is just one of the many sacrifices these stars make to stay safe and secure in the world of music and entertainment.