Fans finally got an update on the solo debut of Jisoo. In 2018, the former head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, promised that all the members of the group would work on their solo projects and Jisoo will be the last member of BLACKPINK in doing it.

Since the aforementioned singer is the only member of BLACKPINK that he has never released a solo song, even more than 6 years after he BLACKPINK debuted as a Kpop group, for this reason she will be the last member of the female Kpop group to do so, after Jenny debuted in 2018 and smooth Y Rose They will debut in 2021, which is more than happy for the faithful followers of the artists.

YG Entertainment had confirmed the plans Jisoo to debut in 2020 with an announcement and also confirmed that she will be the last member of the group to debut solo, however, since then they have not given any new updates regarding the singer’s theme.

On December 31, a Korean date, a Weverse fan asked Jisoo if he could wait for her solo album next year, to which she replied:

Look forward to Jisoo’s solo album in 2023.

Thanks to that, it can be confirmed that the artist has confirmed that her solo album will be released in 2023.