Kpop star, Jisoo and member of the group BLACKPINKcause furor in Europe with its recent appearance, where even one person was quite affected.

For several seasons the singer has been part of the fashion shows of the most recognized high-end brands worldwide, so her appearance in these shows is one of the most anticipated by fans, and in the same way by different media. of communication that cover the news.

And as is common in their appearances, several fans revolutionize the place where in order to have a greeting, an autograph or even a photo with the famous singer, just as it happened when she arrived at Fashion Week in Paris, where he represented the brand DIOR.

Upon arrival, the artist of 28 years walking in an elegant purple dress, while as she walked she was photographed by different media, managing to collapse the site, and even causing an accident where one of the people who were there was injured.

A photographer who was in charge of focusing the model with the camera, was walking backwards in order to have good portraits, but apparently did not realize what was behind, and ended up stumbling and falling hard on his back to the ground, leading to an intense blow to his body.

The artist was completely shocked and couldn’t do anything to prevent the incident, until the people around managed to lift the person up, while apologizing to Jisoo. Clearly, the singer’s arrival at different events revolutionizes forcefully, and surely this will not be the last time.