Jennie, one of the members of the girl group Kpop BLACKPINK, has kissed a girl in the USA. And it is that the Idol will delve into acting and it was revealed that she has made a character bisexual, where you have had contact with another young woman.

Jennie, the BLACKPINK member who has been linked in dating rumors with V of bts, will enter acting and will do so by playing a bisexual girl in the series ‘The IDOL’, which is produced by the Canadian singer, producer and composer The Weeknd.

This way, Jenny He will have a fun date with another girl, where he has kissed and has had a hot moment that will surprise all his fans and other followers.

‘The IDOL’ will be released shortly on the platform of HBO Max, and promises to be one of the most successful series of the year.

He BLINK can’t wait to see Jennie play a bisexual character. But despite the impatience of her fans, they know very well that she will play an impeccable role in the series.

And you, are you ready to see Jenny BLACKPINK on ‘The IDOL’?