During the past year, that is to say 2022, it was leaked that Jennie from BLACKPINK would give life to a bisexual character in the new HBO series “THE IDOL”, according to the details given at the time, Jennie has a recurring role as the best friend of the protagonist, played by Lily-Rose Depp.

Since it was known that Jenny Kim She would debut as an actress in the United States, and not only that, but it would be a controversial role, the fandom wondered if her fav would have a controversial scene, such as a kiss with a girl, and according to close sources, Jennie He DOES have an intense kiss scene with another girl in the series.

Of course BLINK, the name of BLACKPINK’s fandom, is in shock. Although it is of course exciting news, many fans cannot help but express their concern as South Korea is very conservative and might reject the idol for this kiss scene with a girl.

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During the last months, the popularity of the interpreter of «Pink venom»has grown exponentially in the United States as has the love from fans, but in Korea Jennie is always the victim of bad comments and negative criticism from malicious netizens who at the end of the day are envious of the 26-year-old girl .