According to the statements of various plastic surgeonsJennie from BLACKPINK has become the model face that people wear when they want to have an aesthetic procedure, many professionals have described her as the most popular visual in clinics.

In Seoul, Hong Kong, Sydney or even cities like Los Angeles or Rio de Janeiro, the Korean wave has arrived with a strong presence, and this is reflected in the new trends that many girls wear, from makeup with more natural tones, to the way they dress and even when undergoing cosmetic surgery.

According to various surgeons, when a person is asked for a picture of the result they want, they show Jennie de BLACKPINKfrom simple procedures like botox, to a complete facial makeover, something truly impressive.

Although plastic surgeons try to make the result completely pleasing, they also comment that this new trend is a bit dangerous, since not all faces look the same. complexionTherefore, wanting to undergo an aesthetic procedure should not be based on comparisons.

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Regarding the face of Jenny KimMany experts add that with the Korean wave dominating the world, many take the idol’s face as a reference due to her facial harmony, which makes her look sexy, but at the same time very tender.