Jenny of BLACKPINK He receives criticism from his followers after considering that he “is showing a lot” lately, but his other followers are in his defense.

The members of the group who are on their tour Born Pink World Tourhave left their fans much to talk about on several occasions, creating an easy target for criticism.

The recent event occurred at his last concert in Parisin which Jenny she was so sure of herself that she wanted to do some fun dances.

However, the followers did not take this as a good example and a discussion was generated among the netizens. In the shared videos you will find Jenny with a short skirt and a daring top, there she chooses to do a dance known as twerk.

Not only was her dance criticized, her outfit also gave a lot to talk about because it was revealing and that it did not fit because it was not suitable for stage attire.

Some comments were:He dresses and dances like this“, “It’s not pretty or cool, it’s weird“, “Soon he will stop wearing clothes, he will go out with nothing“, “Long outfits suit her too, this is too short“.

As expected, fans of BLACKPINK They came out to defend them, pointing out that they should not criticize, since some foreign and Korean singers are more seen when they wear short clothes and do flashy dances.