Jennie, singer and dancer member of the popular girl group of Kpop BLACKPINK, was injured in one of the most recent concerts of the girlband, where the idol suffered severe scratches on her arms due to an altercation she had with the Fireworks that were on stage.

jennie’s BLACKPINK was injured after fireworks exploded on her arm and part of her face, which made the talented idol leave the stage for a few seconds as even the smoke pierced her eyes.

According to the fans who were at the concert of the girlgroup, Jennie left the stage and then returned, but burns were visible on her arm and part of her face.

The wounds of the idol have massively concerned the BLINK, who has not hesitated to make the accident a trend on social networks to alert the organizers to be more careful with this type of production that is very common in artist concerts Kpop.

Despite the bad moment he lived Jennie, The injuries are not serious, so you can recover from them without any type of rest or medical visits.