After it was revealed that Jennyof BLACKPINKwould debut as an actress in the next series of HBOthe idol” beside The Weeknd Y Lily Rose Deep In the trailer released before its premiere, the idol received strong criticism after a scene was revealed in which she is accused of cultural appropriation.

In the clip, Jennie can be seen as dancer of support between her co-stars, where the member of the K-Pop group wore braids in the hair. The hairstyle it has become a topic of discussion among netizens to show the reasons why it should not be worn due to its history and meaning.

Previously many idols have been denounced for cultural appropriation in relation to hairstyles, even BLACKPINK experienced it, Lisa she was accused for her hairstyle in her music video”MONEY” from his album “LISA“.

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Although Jennie has been criticized, many netizens affirm that the fault of that image is of the creators of the program. Furthermore, many have argued that the blame cannot fall on one person or part of the team, as there are many involved.

However, it seems that the issue of the idol’s hairstyle is not the only topic of controversy about the series. Since the release of the trailer, viewers have expressed concern about the sexualization of the female cast and the twisted aspects of the story.