Jennie, Member of BLACKPINK, She has recently received massive hatred from her Chinese fans, apparently due to a lack of respect that the artist committed towards them.

The controversy started when Jenny was performing a concert of the group in Hong Kong with its other three members, and everything indicated that the presentation was in order, however, when the artist reviewed her social account of instagram he noticed something was wrong.

The comments in various photographs of the singer were originated from feelings of hate and negative vibes, with a very particular language. The case undoubtedly alerted the entire group and the agency in charge of the girl group.

The criticisms of the Chinese fans come because apparently from them, Jenny He did not give a concert with a positive attitude, on the contrary, his actions were based on attitudes”poor«.

According to Chinese netizens, Jenny it was not for them in a 100%, as he usually does at every stage of other concerts. The networks quickly shared some videos where the singer appears to be with a down attitude.

However, the BLINKS came to the defense of the dancer, stating that her performances were misjudged, in order to generate this type of comment, and destroy her reputation.

The true followers of Jenny they asked the agency in charge YG Entertainmentbe aware of the situation and avoid a physical attack on the group.