Jennie, Member of BLACKPINK, He has captivated all social networks with his recently posted photos, where you can see how he was enjoying his Christmas day.

The singer of the famous group kpop, BLACKPINKwhich leads all music platforms, has been on his recent tour «BORN PINK»with their companions, and in the different stages where they have attended, they receive nothing but praise for their personality and incredible talent.

Although due to their busy schedules it would be thought that the girls would not have a space to enjoy Christmas, the photos that some have published say otherwise.

the artist of 26 years I enjoy the dates, and although she was surely next to her family or friends, the photos posted were made only about her, drawing the attention of all her followers.

In the pictures you can see Jenny wearing her new bangs and miniature cube-shaped perfumes, attracting attention with her cute smile.

Netizens left her some comments referring to her beauty: “very beautiful«, «How good the bangs look on you«, «Doesn’t Jennie take unique photos in her own style? These are not your usual celebrity photos of her, she has her own unique aura and beauty«, «I think she looks much better with bangs because her facial features are so small.“, among others.