Jennie, one of the members of the South Korean girl group Kpop BLACKPINK, has been accused of having dated a married man. However, her legion of fans has come out to defend her from all the attacks she has been receiving due to the rumor.

The idol Jennie has been a cruel victim of Chinese social media, as the young star was accused of dating a married man and even filming adult content videos.

The BLACKPINK member was accused of pornography because some Chinese netizens, who had very bad intentions, took up her photos together with the famous French designer. Simon Porte Jacquemus.

These Internet users claim that Jennie hugged him and kissed him erotically when she was with him at an event in Paris France. However, the bad intentions of these people are clearly noticeable, because the evidence is false and Jennie does not have an affair with Simon Jacquemus.

Meanwhile, the BLINK is demanding YG Entertainment to take action on the matter and defend Jennie. But her fans are wasting no time, as they have taken to social media to defend the artist from these serious accusations.

“Some Chinese in Weibo they’re making pornographic rumors about Jennie. Did they think Jennie and Jacquemus’ hugs and kisses were ethical? What’s wrong with these Chinese?” one fan complained on Twitter.