With the stressful schedules that members of BLACKPINK with his current world tour «BORN PINK“, in a recent interview with iHeartRadiothe idols revealed the activities they do to relieve stress.

1. Stay in bed: After spending long days practicing and recording, they want to rest in the most comfortable space, so he said Jenny.

two. Eat well: In addition to lounging in bed, the idol highlights the perfect complement by adding «Eat something good, really good and stay in bed«.

For their part, the other members, Jisoo, Rose Y Lisathey agreed and said they were «in the same page«.

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3. Watch Netflix: Rosé shared her passion for Netflix by adding “a lot of netflix» to the list of relaxing activities and Lisa couldn’t agree more.

Four. play with pets: Since idols have pets, they are expected to add this activity to the list to give and receive love.

5. Online purchases: To finish off her list, Lisa added the happiness of online shopping. Rose agreed until she remembered the drawbacks of that activity.

«Shopping is fun. However, there was a catch»

Jennie and ejthe presenter, agreed that the size actual item is a mystery until it reaches you. Jenny said:

«That’s a problem for online shopping. I’ll never know until it’s in my hands«.