The group BLACKPINK a few hours ago he was confirmed as one of the leaders for the event coachella of this year 2023and this would be their second time as the first artists of the kpop to appear at the event.

Months ago, some rumors were speculated about their possible participation, since on some occasions the girls of the girl group met in person with the event manager, a meeting where they were apparently organizing the agendas for this participation.

The event is considered one of the largest music festivals in the USAand it is the place where millions of people gather to enjoy the music and the hippie-style atmosphere.

This January 10 the social networks of coachella spread the image where the artists who will be part of the event stood out, among these BLACKPINKalong with international artists such as Bad Bunny, Beyonce, La Rosalia, Frank Oceanamong others.

The BLINKS They were the most excited about the confirmation, knowing that the four members have been doing their best to be recognized, and of course it is thanks to their incredible talent and personality that they are able to enjoy these opportunities.

The girls’ performance is planned for this fifteen Y April 22and fans from all over the world are expected to attend to watch the performers perform.