The renowned KPop group, BLACKPINKhas had a strange appearance in the Vina del Mar Festival this 2023, which left all his fans quite confused.

The four members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa, have always been waiting to surprise their fans who are recognized as the BLINKSand to show them that thanks to their undoubted talent they can conquer big stages.

As was the case with the famous music festival, where they did not necessarily appear as their fans would have expected, but they were certainly present there.

when the singer Christina Aguilera He made his first presentation, and performed songs such as “Beautiful”, “Lady Marmalade”, “What a Girl Wants”, among others, the public that was very attentive to his presentation, also realized that BLACKPINK was present in a way strange.

An attendee at the event sang and enjoyed Aguilera’s songs with his light stick of BLACKPINK, an element originated and designed according to the group of kpop, which emitted pink and black lights, just like its logo. Shortly after the event ended, social networks quickly replicated the moment, drawing their own conclusions.

On the one hand, the followers claimed that it was a clear sign that the group was present in Chili or they would do a presentation in the country, while other followers pointed out that the group was nearby, somewhere on the stage, or in the public enjoying the show of their colleagues.

The moment became a beautiful detail on the part of BLACKPINK, which allowed the public to divert their gaze to the famous element in the middle of the show.